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Welcome to Lompoc Dental! We have been serving the Lompoc and Santa Ynez Valley for over 40 years. We are your friendly neighborhood dental office who prioritizes our service to our patients and make sure that every patient has a fair chance to receive exceptional treatment.


We have earned a reputation in the Santa Ynez Valley and Lompoc Valley for providing outstanding patient care and service. We invite you to ask your friends and family, or read about what our patients say about us online.


Our experienced dentists, Dr. Art Kaslow, Dr. Bobby Brugnone and Dr. Noel Berry, provide the highest quality dental care and will customize all treatments based on your individual needs. Come in today for your dental cleaning and check up, and we'll work with you to create the smile you want.

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40+ Years of Professional Dentistry.

Call or text us to make your appointment:  (805) 735-3787

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